The truth.

Here’s the truth about accessories: They truly are the salt and pepper of our outfits. The “Oh it’s so good, but what is it missing?” Salt!!! Or in this case, the right piece! Not only can the power of accessories instantly update your look, but they change the way we view our entire wardrobe. That black dress is simply simple without the perfect oversize necklace…that pink blouse is only cute without the right earrings…and oh, those comfy jeans you throw on all the time? Well add some bangles and change it up a bit! Take the following looks for example. Without those essential additives, they go from ‘oooooooohhh’ to…well… just ‘oh’.

xoxo, Bohypsy ❤





Diana Crystal Necklace

Oh the sweet, soft, feminine Diana Crystal Necklace…truly fit for a princess! We love this piece because, like Princess Diana herself, it sparkles on its own. It is a perfectly subtle, glamorous piece for that girl who effortlessly shines.

There’s something about burgundy for fall. Perhaps that it resembles the color of fallen leaves each September, or maybe that it reminds us of that perfect glass of wine come holiday time. This color never seems to fail us this season whether in pants, bags or jewelry. Love Olivia Palermo’s excellent use here..

Miss Kate Upton

Nothing like a clean canvas adorned with bold, classic accessories. Love this look!

Miss Kate Upton looking gorgeous in this Vogue piece…



“Until Kate Upton came along, the standard procedure for breaking into fashion had pretty much stood the test of fashion time. You walk the runways, starting with smaller shows. You get noticed, maybe land an editorial shoot, which might lead to walking for more established designers, which then might lead to an appearance in a designer’s advertising campaign, for instance, and more editorial work. When things start to get planetary, a cosmetics contract could come your way. And then, at some point—­if you are, say, Kate Moss—­you break out and shift into the world beyond, not that anything is beyond fashion.”

The best earrings are those for fall..

The best earrings are those for fall. I strongly believe it. Right before the entrance of holiday gems and sparkles is the release of subdued hues with just enough ice (if you will) to make us feel girly. Take a look at these beautiful and super unique Sofia Earrings. They are absolutely gorgeous and will be available on come mid October.