Dolce & Gabbana red romance

Dolce & Gabbana red romance

Dolce&Gabbana red shoes
$465 –

Dolce Gabbana red handbag
$1,450 –

Dolce&Gabbana cat eye sunglasses
$285 –

Mac cosmetic

OPI nail polish
$14 –

Floral decor


Pink & Orange

Pink and Orange… with Bohypsy Earrings

Need I say more? There is such an allure about warm nights out and about in this stunning color combo!

I strongly believe that this beautiful duo is capable of taking you absolutely anywhere.¬†feminine, sexy, classic, chic…¬†I love it!

basics with just a touch…Gold Bohypsy Earrings…

What is it about basics that always keeps us so intrigued?? They’ve always been there, seemingly resurfacing season after season. Basics for Spring and Summer…romantic and classic, timeless and essential. I know many of my friends find basics boring and dull, but after my travels throughout Europe last Summer, I feel they capture a sense of global acceptance. Although often neglected and underrated, I find basics to be the most important things we own. They are after all, the foundation of many wardrobes.